Effective Knowledge offers scalable, customizable and modular solutions able to cover differenr possible applications:

  • Knowledge management and business intelligence
  • Social Media Network, Collaborative work on media, distribuzione contenuti
  • Social Learning Management Systems con possibilità di gestire un ampia gamma di tipi di file e device
  • Enterprise Social Network, project and knowledge management
  • Community management per istituzioni e parchi tecnololgici
  • Portali WEB, WebTV, IPTV con support sociale
  • supporto alla distribuzione di contenuti per PC e dispositivi mobili.


Effective Knowledge offers its competencies in the following areas:

  • smart data mining and ingestion process
  • intelligent semantic computing
  • cognitive and statistical analysis integration, decision support systems
  • data reasoning and social analysis, social media, social networking
  • automated ontology production, editing and management
  • user behavior analysis, optimization models, collective intelligence
  • suggestions and recommendations algorithms
  • multilingual cross media indexing, digital media indexing
  • linked open data, linked open media, semantic integration tools
  • distributed systems for cloud and grid, scalability and high availability
  • user engagement via collaborative web and mobile devices, crowd sourcing
  • web based content aggregation and annotation tools


Who is using EffectiveKnowledge solutions:

  • ECLAP (http://www.eclap.eu), social network platform with cross media content: data mining, semantic reasoning, recommendations, more than 35 institutions, 180.000 media content in any format.
  • OSIM (http://openmind.axmedis.org/), knowledge mining, semantic indexing and reasoning, natural language processing (in Italian and English), automatic production od ontologies, similarity augmentation of semantics, semantic query with uncertainty.
  • APRE Toscana (http://www.apretoscana.org/) service portal for SMEs for the promotion of European research activites, business match making platform.
  • Mobile Medicine (http://mobmed.axmedis.org), Social Network for distribution of multimedia and cross media digital content to offer support during hospital emergency occurrences and first aid treatments.
  • First Class (http://fad.fclass.it), advanced e-learning platform for continuous meducal education with the distribiution of educational content.
  • CME First Class (http://cme.fclass.it) advanced e-learning platform for continuous meducal education with European certification
  • ...and others.